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Access To Private Mortgage Lenders in Ontario

Access To Private Mortgage Lenders

Self Employed Mother Gets Mortgage Approval

Connecting You with Private Mortgage Lenders

Private mortgages are mortgages that are assessed on the equity of the home (market value minus the mortgage amount). Access up to 90% of property value with either private 1st or 2nd mortgage.

We connect clients with Private Mortgage lenders that help people who are:

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Have you filed bankruptcy and finding it difficult to find a mortgage approved?

Don’t worry; there are still options available. Seek expert advice today about the best methods for improving your finances and working towards improving your credit after bankruptcy with a private mortgage.

Overcome bank mortgage turn down in Canada

Private Mortgages for all Financial Situations

(Bankruptcy, Bad Credit, Low Income)

Our Mortgage Specialists are here to help homeowners regardless of their situation. If you have debt, low income, or bad credit we have a solution.  With a private mortgage, you can use the equity in your home to:

  • Consolidate your credit card debt by converting high interest monthly payments into one low manageable monthly amount
  • Pay property tax arrears
  • Pay income taxes owed
  • Catch up on missed mortgage payments

We Specialize in Overcoming Mortgage Turn Downs By Banks

Let us help you to better manage your finances by reducing the interest and fees you pay, lowering your monthly payments and most importantly reducing your stress.

With a mortgage from a private lender, you can get back on track financially. We offer flexible terms with our private lending partners to suit your specific borrowing needs.

We are here to help all homeowners, not just those with good credit.

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Get Back On Track With A Private Mortgage

Get a Mortgage Approval in 24 Hours or Less

Our experienced team of experts work closely with each client to determine the best course of action to secure a private mortgage and help re-establish their credit. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and we work tirelessly to make that a reality. Whether you have a history of late payments, high debt, or a past bankruptcy, Northwood Mortgage is here to help.

We understand that the mortgage process can be complicated and stressful, especially for individuals with poor credit. That’s why we take a personalized approach to each case, providing our clients with the guidance and support they need throughout the entire process. Our goal is to not only secure a mortgage but also help our clients achieve financial stability and start building a solid credit history for the future.

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